Tommy Clohessy

Billboard Mats’ President Thomas Clohessy is an award-winning filmmaker and writer, with experience working with some of the most talented artists and actors in show business. Among his many major awards, he has received Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, and The Audience Award at The New York International Film Festival. Over the past 20 years, he has also been presented with over 20 Silver and Gold Medals for corporate short-form videos. As a writer, Thomas has scripted 19 feature-length screenplays, performed re-writes and script doctoring on over 35 feature films while scripting over one hundred 30-60 second television commercials world-wide. As a former New York State Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion and two-time Golden Gloves Finalist, Clohessy invented the SAF-T-MAT in 2010 out of passion and genuine concern for fighters everywhere. He expanded this incredible concept by partnering it with Pettersen’s extensive retail expertise, marking the beginning of Billboard Mats LLC.