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Fully Patented & Made in the USA


The Insert showcasing the printed message is separate from the Base Mat foundation.


Inserts can be easily removed and quickly changed as often as needed, taking an average of 1.3 seconds.


Strong, lightweight and can be easily repositioned anywhere within the environment.


High traffic, bad weather, shopping carts, it does not matter. Our product withstands the most rigorous conditions.


Constructed with highly absorbent material to increase safety and prevent slipping.


No lamination or adhesion to the floor, breaking the traditional floor advertising mold

Base Mat & Insert (Billboard Mats)

Base Mats are made of a very sturdy polypropylene fiber, infused onto a vinyl back panel. Sections of the fiber are removed during the manufacturing process to create a holding space for inserts. This area matches the exact dimensions of an insert, essentially turning the Base Mat into a frame for the advertisement or message.

Adding, removing or changing inserts is extremely simple and can be done in seconds. When the insert is set into place, it sits level with the surface of the Base Mat foundation. The pair adheres tightly with special adhesive, allowing no possibility of lifting until change-outs are desired. Custom cutting templates ensure precise, exact dimensions to allow complete interchangeability between every Base Mats and Inserts we make. This product line is recommended in areas with heavy foot traffic and/or excessive water exposure, as the vinyl base resists slipping while protecting the longevity of the Inserts.


    Hybrid Mats (Saf-T-Mats & Octamats)

    Hybrid Mats combine nearly all of the benefits of Base Mats and Inserts into a single product. The entire surface area of a Hybrid model is utilized and printed with full bleed dye-sublimation graphics.

    Hybrid Mats resemble an enhanced version of our Inserts, manufactured with a similar heavy-duty needle punched felt, laid onto a vinyl backing. A specialized treatment process creates the same bottom surface hold, absorption and liquid retention abilities as the Base Mats Inserts. The ability to interchange graphics is not available in this product. The Hybrid Mats are generally intended to serve as an advertising and water absorption line rather than a product to be used in high traffic areas.



    Dye Sublimation

    Our prints are created with a specialized process called “Dye Sublimation”. A controlled amount of heat and pressure vaporizes colored dye embedded within large rolls of transparent film. The colored dye transitions from a solid to a gas, allowing it to permeate the surface of our fabric. It is then infused within the fabric, creating a gentle gradation at the edges of each pixel.

    The result is unlike anything that has ever been done on our carpet-like material. We are able to reproduce and enhance any piece of high-quality artwork and achieve photo-quality graphics that are virtually undistorted over time.



    Insert Development

    Billboard Mats LLC operates a professional in-house Graphic Design and Marketing Department, with every member offering years of experience in the field. We closely monitor the latest marketing and design trends to constantly improve our product and design capabilities. 

    Our inserts are always customized to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients, while helping to foster new campaign ideas. When designing an insert we incorporate a wide range of technique and strategy to maximize the speed, quality, effectiveness and visual attractiveness of everything that we produce.

    The extent of our involvement with the marketing and design of your Advertising Inserts is completely up to you. This can range from simply consulting with you and your team to adopting complete creative control and submitting for your approval.



    “Only 19% of commercial ads were consciously seen, compared to 80% of floor advertisements.”

    • Engagement +180% 180% 180%
    • Unaided Awareness +80% 80% 80%
    • Decisions Impacted +70% 70% 70%
    • Sales Increased +91% 91% 91%

    * Based on real case study results


    Emotional effect on customers
    Floor is the optimal marketing platform
    Immediate impact
    No possibility of efficiency erosion
    Discounts & QR codes
    Catching the shoppers’ eye
    Perfect timing
    Avoiding familiarity

    Billboard Mats are placed directly at the point of purchase, where 76% of purchase decisions are made.

    More than 50% of all purchases in stores are unplanned, meaning that the majority of your customers’ purchasing decisions take place directly in the store itself.

    Studies show that most people are willing to act on impulsive shopping behaviors by grabbing products right before checking out.

    40% of consumers spend more money in stores than they had originally planned.

    Case Studies

    Many case studies have set out to test, examine and understand the effectiveness of floor advertising. During these studies, the shopping behavior, decision-making and spending habits of customers were monitored before and after floor advertisements were introduced. We have included personal summaries of a few significant studies that present their findings within different retail and business environments.

    Raid Insecticide
    Klem's & Scotts Miracle Gro
    711 Stores & GFK Research
    IJBMI Report
    Electronics Store
    Beauty Store
    Convenience Store
    United States Postal Service

    Study By: Point of Purchase Advertising International” (POPAI)

    Looking Up

    When human attention is directed upward, the focus of our attention is expanded.


    When human attention is directed upward, the focus of our attention is expanded. Our minds will attempt to “take in” as much information as possible because our visual field has broadened. Psychologically, it is more difficult to connect and deliver any single message, as people are less likely and able to offer their full attention to only one subject. Additionally, nearly all forms of in-store advertising are placed at eye level or higher, making the customer’s line of sight cluttered, desensitized and even easier to ignore.

    Looking Down

    When human attention is directed downward, the focus of our attention is narrowed.


    When human attention is directed downward, the focus of our attention is narrowed. In other words, looking down at the floor will actually stimulate human focus and enhance our attention to detail. With a more precise area of perception, our mind is now willing to interpret, understand and evaluate the subject matter. This content will become even more relevant and important to us when this message includes benefit, especially relating to the present environment.


    “The Human Orienting Reflex” is an involuntary response forcing humans to observe the ground



    The cause of this involuntary reaction resides within a psychological mechanism that all humans still possess, called “The Human Orienting Reflex”. This human response is a natural trait that has been left to us by our ancestors. It thrives off of primitivesurvival instincts that were originally triggered to avoid safety hazards when looking downward (such as snakes, holes and deadly insects). This creates a subliminal need to respect and pay close attention to what is below us. Even if it can’t be noticed, humans will always pay tribute to the floor and its contents, no matter what.


    Joseph S. King concludes that “our attention can be redirected to the floor first by novelty and later by relevant messages”. His study shows that the concept of floor advertising clearly embodies these powerful elements of human psychology and creates a mental landscape for them to function together, intensify and flourish if presented correctly. He acknowledges that this type of effortless interaction and mental influence is singular among all other marketing strategies. His findings explain and prove floor advertisings ability to capture the attention of consumers, deliver messages and influence buying habits.

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