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Movies Theaters

Movie theaters can enhance their customer’s experience the minute they enter the building. Guide and inform the patrons to create excitement and enhance safety.Integrating QR codes will allow visitors to purchase items and access movie information on location.

Concession Stands
Ticket Booths
Theater Guides
Current Movies
Coming Attractions
Emergency Exits
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Awards & Premiers

From the Academy Awards, to local competitions, to the ESPYs, to spelling bees. Spotlight nominated movies, crews, actors, participants or athletes. Showcase their accomplishments by featuring them on Billboard Mats.

Visually enhance the event venue and environment.

QR codes can be generated with links to video trailers, production information, voting ballots, memorabilia purchasing, showtimes & much more.

Show guests all of the nominees and every award category.

Create award winner mats that can be showcased the minute the award is given and even presented to the winners.

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